Data Issues

Date Issue Description

fMRI TR stated incorrectly in dataset

Converted fMRI data contains incorrect TR of 1 second in NIfTI headers when in fact the TR was 2 seconds. This was due to a bug in the software used to convert from DCM to NIfTI. The issue has been corrected in the latest version of the BIDS dataset (see JSON sidecar file for correct TR).


BIDS Dataset Released

MRI and MEG data have been updated to conform with latest BIDS standards. MRI data has been converted using the dcm2bids package, while MEG data has been converted using the fieldtrip bids converter.


MEG Head Position Indicators

Note first 30-40s of each MEG run was without continuous Head Position Indicator (cHPI) coils switched on (note this does not affect trial onsets, which always started after cHPI turned on, but does affect resting-state).


MRI Coil Indicator

In October 2011, after the first 97 CamCAN participants had been acquired, the gradient coil on the 3T TRIO was ramped down for coil replacement, and therefore B0 frequency and passive shimming configuration differed for the subsequent participants. The coil-type is now available as a binary variable within the standard tabular data folder provided for all requests.


MEG Subjects Removed

Due to a problem with HPI coils, two subjects were removed from the MEG dataset. For those who already have downloaded data before the above date, IDs CC210314 and CC221733 should be removed from the dataset.


DWI Subjects Removed

After quality control of the diffusion weighted imaging data, the following subjects' DWI data were removed from the pipeline (CC110033, CC110037, CC110056, CC110101, CC120008, CC120376, CC220901, CC320321, CC320698, CC412004, CC420167, CC420435, CC420566, CC510256, CC510434, CC520083, CC620451, CC620567, CC710518, CC710551, CC721052, CC721377, CC321880).